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How AI and ALPR Access Control Combine to Create a Smart Parking Solution

Improving the Customer Experience with The Smart Parking Solution from Freely Technology

One strategy an organization can use to improve the overall customer experience is to streamline access to parking. A smart parking solution using digital technology alongside ALPR access control has the potential to enhance the customer parking experience, while also increasing security and productivity levels.

What Is ALPR Access Control?

ALPR (Automated License Plate Recognition) is an optical character recognition technology that uses sophisticated cameras to scan the license plates on vehicles. An image of the plate, as well as text, can be stored in a database for later retrieval.

The technology has seen mass adoption in law enforcement, electronic toll collection, and highway agencies for traffic movement analysis. However, ALPR is also a driving force behind more efficient parking solutions through a digital technology known as ALPR access control.

The Benefits of a Smart Parking Solution

The two biggest frustrations faced by drivers today are traffic congestion and parking. By implementing new digital technologies, you can at least create a more positive parking experience for your clients.

ALPR creates many advantages for drivers requiring fast access to parking. Authorized vehicles are automatically granted access by a system that can quickly scan and recognize a license plate.

Drivers no longer need keycards for access, which also helps to significantly reduce queues and wait times during peak entry and exit periods. The risk that drivers will be held up because a keycard has been lost or damaged is also eliminated.

Combining ALPR and AI to Create the Smartest Parking Solutions

Freely Technology is a leading smart parking company providing intelligent parking solutions. ALPR, coupled with AI, creates a parking solution that can be monitored from a single location 24 hours, seven days a week.

The information collected by the smart parking solution provides management teams with up to date data and metrics, which can then be used for more effective decision making.

Freely Technology’s live surveillance also helps to create a more secure parking environment by assisting security teams with up to the minute visual information and the ability to track individual vehicles in real-time.

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