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Freely is Accepted into Green Market Acceleration Program (GMAP) by City of Toronto

Green Market Acceleration Program (GMAP) is led by the City of Toronto, the purpose of GMAP is to provide advice and support to local technology businesses.

Shortly after the application, GMAP approved our Smart City Project proposal and accept Freely Technology into the GMAP program, which is a precious opportunity to collaborate with the City of Toronto, and the City Agencies.

The City of Toronto encourages innovative, creative, and green technology. In order to be approved by the GMAP, the proposal should be beneficial to the environment and the City; most importantly, the technology needs to be sustainable and adaptable for the future.

GMAP can provide long-term supports for companies with world-changing ideas.

In Freely Technology, innovation and creativity drive us to develop better solutions to construct a Smart City.

Combine the new generation ALPR Camera with Cloud Management Solution, our Smart Parking Solution will be a key to a greener and smarter city. Which can benefit the City by:

1. Softening the environmental impact caused by modern parking;

2. Boosting productivity and efficiency of parking facilities;

3. Reducing the emission and time-waste on parking queue;

4. Eliminating resource wastage caused by physical receipts, tickets, or proves;

5. And most importantly, provide the infrastructure toward the Smart community.

With the greener and smarter solution, let’s embrace the brighter tomorrow.

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