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Freely Case Study - Upper Vista

About Upper Vista

Upper Vista is a condo developed by Evertrust Development Group. As a luxury boutique condominium located at Heart of Thundering Waters Golf Club with ten storeys and 150 units, Upper Vista is only five minutes away from downtown Niagara Falls. It is the perfect choice for people looking for leisure and comfort lifestyle.

Why Upper Vista Needs to Change

The parking lot users had encountered some issues related to the use of keyfobs. Due to the range and sensitivity, the opener sometimes responds to the open signal with delay, or unable to respond to the open signal. Secondly, the replacement of malfunctioning or lost keyfob inconveniences the tenant and users.

Freely Smart Parking Solution

Contactless Parking Access Control

Freely Smart Parking solution offers automatic hands-free parking access control features. Authorized vehicles (e.g., staff/resident vehicles) will automatically gain the parking access without using a key fob or remote control button.

Parking Occupancy & Utilization Tracking

The ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) cameras will detect any approaching vehicles, and record the vehicle activities for security and utilization tracking purposes.

Parking Enforcement & Security

For unknown vehicles that enter the parking lot by tailgating, the vehicle information will be captured by the ALPR cameras at the parking lot entrance. The vehicles will be given a temporary allowance to stay in the parking lot; whereas, the management can customize the allowance period and get notifications if the unknown vehicles overstay in the parking lot.

About Freely

Smart parking goes beyond technology. Freely Technology focuses on developing the next generation of intelligent parking solutions using the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and big data.

Freely’s mission is to help all parking facilities improve customer parking experiences, reduce operating costs, enhance parking revenues, and provide customers with a safe and secure parking environment.

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