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Freely Announcement: Commercial Partnership with ORCA

Representing over 95% of all retirement house, Ontario Retirement Communities Association has been trusted by over 60,000 seniors within Ontario since 1977. Most importantly, ORCA constantly adopts new technologies and seeks for support from over 250 commercial partners.

By becoming a commercial partner, Freely will be able to provide better support to local seniors, their retirement communities with Smart Parking Technology. Furthermore, Freely values all feedbacks from different communities and industries, we believe the best smart technology should always be user-oriented, and problems-solving.

Freely is not only about parking, but we also care about the community and devote our time into popularizing the smart technologies, we aim to facilitate your daily life with the Internet of Thing. Freely Smart Parking Solution is the key to Smart Community and Smart City.

Freely Smart Parking System can:

  1. Increase the security level of your building;

  2. Significantly reduce operating cost;

  3. Provide outstanding customer experience.

With the smarter solution, let’s embrace the brighter tomorrow.

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